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Meet your Google Places Neighbor: Craig Turpin

Editor’s Note: Now and then we’ll spotlight one of our amazing Google Places reviewers. Both so you guys can start to get to know one another and so we can pull together and share our favorite local places. This week we introduce you to Craig Turpin of Manhattan.

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Craig moved to NYC from Kent, Ohio about 7 months ago and loves going to the movies, wandering around Central Park and finding tasty food trucks around the City. He moved here to pursue the endless opportunities in TV and film production available here, and says it’s proved to be the best decision he’s made since switching to 1% milk.  A resident of Washington Heights, Craig works in Midtown and likes to hang out in the Village, where you’ll find him at sidewalk cafes.  

Do you have any secret talents?
I can still speak conversational Japanese although I haven’t lived in the homeland in over 10 years.

If you could see any celebrity’s reviews on Places, who would you choose and why?
I would like to see what Aziz Ansari has to say about all the cool places he goes.

What would your superpower be?
You mean beside the ones I already have?  I wouldn’t mind having Hiro’s ability to bend time and space.

Tell us some juicy gossip:
I have a couple famous Eskimo brothers…

Do you have any pets?
I have the most beautiful cat you’ve never seen. His name is Bentley. He doesn’t tweet!

What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Sneaking a tasty pastry or cookie when no one is watching.

If you were going to draw a Google Doodle, what would it look like?
I think it would be heavily influenced by the art of Katsushika Hokusai.  The “Gaifu Kaisei” woodblock comes to mind…

What’s your favorite Google event you’ve been to and why?
One event that really stands out in my mind was the Brooklyn Pizza tour.  So much fun, great food, great friends and a double dose of the Levys’ Unique Tour.

That’s true, we visited some awesome places that day. Speaking of great places, how about sharing some local favorites with us?

Blue Bottle Coffee –  This place has the hands down BEST cup of iced coffee in New York, Buddy the Elf be damned! I get mine New Orleans style but they also offer the cold drip black as night. It’s best enjoyed like you would a fine whiskey. The peculiar drip system used daily for making their special coffee is on display for all to view in 5 glass stills. They offer fresh same-day roasted coffee beans and some amazing snacks fused nicely with Mast Bros. Chocolates. It has a very industrial vibe with an unencumbered view of the entire operation. For your standard coffee consumers they also brew by the cup using creative filtering mugs. There is a single large standing table in the middle of the customer space for lounging but plenty of space to stand around and take in the tasty brew and great scenery. I hear they’re opening a location at Rockefeller Plaza. I hope so because I’ll finally have a great place in Midtown to get my daily caffeine fix.

High Line Park – A unique park among so many greats in NYC, but this one has something special! Old buildings? Check. Contemporary Architecture? Check! Great scenery? Check! This place is AMAZING!!! It’s a bit crowded on the weekends though. During the summer they have “The Lot” at 30th Street filled with a beer garden, food trucks & a roller skating rink. In the winter the south side at the Standard Hotel there is an ice rink. Don’t forget to linger around the south side of the park and look up at the windows of The Standard Hotel for what could be a racy view of two love birds…

The Meatball Shop – This place definitely lives up to the hype! The long wait is easily spent at one of the local bars in the LES while you await your text stating your table’s ready. Once inside the tiny dining room gives you the impression this place would seat people two high if it was socially acceptable. The “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” is the way to go. And of course you gotta get it with the family jewels. Very tasty. One complaint. They call it Family Jewels (fried egg over the top of your meatballs) however it’s a singular egg so it’s just Jewel. Either add a second egg or don’t mislead your patrons. Great eats!

The Little Lebowski Shop – This is a one trick pony kinda shop but that one trick is an awesome one. Everything Big Lebowski and then some. I wish they had the small version of the bowling pin pipe but during my last visit they were out. They also didn’t have a supply of any of the actual bowling shirts from the show. Big let down to say the least. They do have some great costume gear and general hipster apparel along with some other non-Lebowski clothing. It’s a tiny store and it feels a bit cramped so keep the kiddies outside on the tiny curb. The bowling alley display/dressing room is a nice touch. The prices are a bit high but then I bet the owner and operators are too. ha ha. Great shop that I’ll continue to frequent Minsha missing or not.

Posted by Esther Brown, New York City community manager

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